Friday, May 4, 2007

Meet the New Boss...Same as the Old Boss...

As much as I love MySpace, I feel some kind of strange affinity for Blogger. So I am starting something new here. It's still me, still very much irreverent and silly, but with a slightly different focus. I am still the star of the show. My inner egomaniac won't allow this to become a full-time literature blog, but I do intend to bring up big topics in literature and politics and culture quite freely. I guess I still want to blog, but not so much about shit I know I'll get bored with. Because mundane blogging is beginning to piss me off. Say, Bloggers: I really don't need to know about your man drama, and you really don't need to be telling people about it. Not sayin. Just sayin.

So I guess I'll start with the happenings in the life of me over the past few months.

-Was accepted into the MFA program at Rutgers-Newark

-Turned 29, a hair away from my Saturn return year.

-Got to know Cave Canem, many as individuals and as an amazing network of artists.

-Took workshops. Lots of them.

-Went to AWP for the first time, submitted a panel proposal for 2008. Met Latino poets from across the country.

-Announced a foundation for Latino poetry. Acentos Foundation. Neat-o, yes? Bet you'd like to hear more, wouldn't you?

-Lost my little boy haircut, put back the pushback. Because the lady likes it. Hee.

Okay, so we're going back to the mundane. Ah, shucks. But anyway, here it is, folks. I will not be updating the livejournal, so the slam poets are just gonna have to get with the program and sign up with Bloglines or something to keep up.

Welcome to the new joint. Same as the old joint. Kinda.


barbara jane said...

oh good, about f***in' time you cam back to blog world! yay!

oscar said...

congrats on gettin into the mfa program, awp, new cut and all.

when do i see some reviews and such up in here?

Rich said...

ob: damn, sun, can a dude BREATHE over here??

tell you what though. send me the chapbook and i'll review it here.

bjr: yay bloggies, inDEED! i promise to be more smarter. yes.

csperez said...

congrats also on the mfa!!! and welcome to blogger!!!