Monday, January 7, 2008

Ack! Knowledgement!

Guest edited by Francisco Aragon.

Featuring work by Lisa Alvarado, Oscar Bermeo, Xochiquetzal Candelaria, Diana Marie Delgado, Jose B. Gonzalez, Octavio R. Gonzalez, Raina J. León, elena minor, John Murillo, Kristin Naca, Emily Pérez, Ruben Quesada, Peter Ramos, Carmen Gimenez Smith, Rich Villar.

Cover design by April Carter-Grant.
Artwork by Didi Menendez.


IN OTHER NEWS: I also have work forthcoming in the Cuban-American writers' issue of MiPoesias magazine, guest-edited by Emma Trelles. IN PRINT NO LESS!

Good to be me, y'all. And for it all to happen on my honey's birthday: even sweeter.

(Side note: If you recognize the artwork on Betts' page and the artwork by Didi Menendez in OCHO...well, there's probably a reason for that. That Menendez is pretty talented, yes?)


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