Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fuck Hillary Clinton

Yeah, I said it.

What I'm watching right now is among the most despicable displays I've ever seen in American politics. Ever.

On the debate currently airing on ABC, George Stephanopoulos, who by the way is BILL CLINTON'S FORMER COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR, asked a question about Bill Ayers' relationship with Barack Obama. Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground, a violent politcal group that formed during the 1960's, at the height of the Vietnam War, and the deaths of Martin Luther King Jr. and Fred Hampton.

Ayers has since changed his methods, but not his politics: he was quoted on 9/11 as not regretting his past activities. And the question by Stephanopoulos was framed in such a way that Obama, by simply knowing Ayers, is now guilty of the same brand of radical, (read: Black Power, oooooo) politics.

Ayers, by the way, is an academic, a college professor, someone who did some extreme shit in his life, to be sure. But this is also a man who has dedicated his post-Weathermen life (after the Feds dropped the charges due to prosecutorial misconduct)to education theory, and to teaching at the University of Illinois-Chicago. He is a good man, and he deserves better than to be demonized in this fashion.

But who made this an issue? Answer: George Stephanopoulos. Why is this man asking questions at a debate? This is no journalist...he is a former employee of Bill Clinton, and by extension, Hillary. This is, plain and simple, a hit job being perpetrated on Barack Obama. A hit job, plain and simple. Now we've set up a scenario where Obama will be painted as an extreme, violent, super-Black left-wing radical, a Black Panther, a scary Big Black Man that drives White voters into voting for their nearest safe white woman/Republican. Is Obama going to have to answer for every pissed off minority activist in the United States? Or hell, every ACTIVIST in the United States? (Ayers is white.)

I will never vote for Hillary Clinton. Never. I would rather vote for Nader. I would rather vote for the Libertarian. I would rather vote for my girlfriend's dog.

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Anonymous said...

hey, I'm all obama, but that shit isn't coming from stephanopolus but from hannity on fox. he's going to come hard at o when the time comes with the weatherman--another swift boat type attack. I think 'opolous was just bringing it out b/c it was going to when he it's between macain and o later. and so now it's done. burn it out now. obama!!