Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Desde Kent: Saludos to Alfred Arteaga

Here at the banks of the Housatonic River, in the midst of what has been thus far an amazing time at the Kent Summer Writers Camp, I heard the news that the Chicano poet Alfred Arteaga passed away.

I've been teaching my 8th graders the importance of creating stories to keep memories and people alive. This takes on a huge importance today of course, even more so since we learned the art of ode and elegy with the late Andres Montoya. Tomorrow we pick up with figurative language. Tonight, however, my heart is with my friends in California and elsewhere who are saddened by this great loss. My heart is with you each, and with you all. Amor. Amor.

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Cilantroman said...

I am with you my brother, yes, our dear compaƱero Alfred has passed on, and we miss him, and send him a huge onda of blessings... thanks for mentioning him and teaching the good word with a good heart