Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Fearless Leaders and Such

I think Twitter has affected my blogging habits. I don't feel the need to blow people out of the water with a long an expansive essay on the state of affairs. Maybe that's for the better.

Still, I think I should properly flesh out my feelings on this whole Sotomayor nomination. I feel slightly homicidal over that one. And strangely, independence-minded for Puerto Rico.

While I'm here.

Say. Can Iran get itself a new President? One that doesn't take orders from someone called a Supreme Leader? Supreme Leader sounds a bit cartoonish to me. I'm kinda hoping that it's a Western English mistranslation from the Farsi, because if it's not, then I propose renaming the post Fearless Leader.

Hey, if it worked for this guy....

Seriously though, I'm not for imposing governments on folks (Iraq, anyone?) but there's gotta be something better than the way Iran does it. I love how the media has set up Twitter and Facebook as the saviors of democracy, though. Man, I wish I could get that kind of PR for Acentos.

"The world needs Latino poetry NOW more than ever. Hit us back on Twitter."

Cricket? Cricket cricket?

Maybe I'll name my first collection MOOSE AND SQUIRREL.

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