Monday, August 20, 2012

In Which Rich Tugs at his Ear on a Monday

-Somebody wrote a really long poem today.

-One of the more popular features on my former Facebook page was a little segment known as "Fun With the Parentals."  It was the easiest feature to write, because all I have to do is prick up my ears and copy down what they say. 

My father is Cuban, and 78.  My mother is Puerto Rican, and...not 78.  They've been together since 1974, which means they lived through disco, Fania all-stars, new wave, freestyle, the Sugar Hill Gang, Family Ties, Family Matters, the Spice Girls, both President Bushes, and Justin Bieber.  Tie all that together with Don Francisco, Iris Chacon, and nonstop work for people they don't like, add five children (including a poet) and you get comedy gold like this:

POP (to me, in the living room):  ¿Se levantó la vieja?

MOM (from the bedroom): ¡Viejo seras tú!

(To my non-Spanglish speaking readers: Don't worry, we'll keep you hip somehow.)

I am keeping my ears up, and out, and tuned.  No, they have no idea I do this.  Eventually they'll catch on.

-NYC BOROUGH OF THE WEEK:  Queens, y'all.  They got quenepas and pinchos and two airports.  Do you need anything else in life? 

If I was Carol Burnett, this is the part where I tug on my ear.

-I am still figuring what this blog is supposed to look like.  I have poems and essays I'd like to share, but sometimes it's easier just to tell you what I'm thinking.  It's also easier to write funny crap, because most of the time I'm funny.  Let's see what happens.

-Day 7 of my Facebookless existence.  Did I mention that I have poems and essays to share?  That's because I found the time that I was throwing down the rabbit hole.  Go figure. 

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