Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thoughts for a Sunday morning

-Sunday.  Maybe these are prayers? 

-There's a blog in the Netherlands that links to this blog.  Apparently, I get a lot of traffic from there.  Hello to all my European visitors!  I hereby apologize for the American literary landscape, but let's be honest:  We learned it from you.

-The previous statement should not be interpreted as my refusing an invitation to read poetry in Europe.  Should you wish to book me for a reading in Europe, you can reach me at  I hereby apologize for the American tendency toward self-promotion.  I learned that here.

-Something comforting about 2:30am on a Sunday.  I end up writing at this time.  Aubades.  Makes sense.

-I have spent the better part of two weeks doing nothing but thinking.  I have so many things to do, so many other things to makes amends for.

-Always treasure the friends who give you honesty.  That is not the same as friends who give you honest opinions.  Honest opinions are often too crafted, and too phony.  Honesty has an edge to it. 

-If you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, and one of them yelps, that's probably the one you hit.

-Love is an action.  Love requires you to be your best self while seeing the best in others.  

-Empathy is an action, too.  To put yourself in another's place, to see what others see, feel what they feel, you can only learn to love better.

-Lord, let me live a life of action, and empathy, and love.

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